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Become an Authorized Reseller of Qmadix Products

As an industry leading manufacturer of innovative mobile tech accessories, our premium product line offering is a great way to boost your sales.  Your business and customers will benefit from a wide variety of new technology, quality classics, and extensive warranty and guarantee programs developed to keep customers happy so you can focus on driving more sales.

New Customers:

We're excited you've decided to partner with Qmadix!  Please complete our New Account/Credit Application Form by clicking on the links below; we offer two methods to submit your data:

Applying for Credit:

When completing the New Account/Credit Application Form, you have a choice of selecting to apply for Net Terms from within the application.  If you would like to pay by Credit Card instead, please continue below to provide your payment details.

Customers Paying by Credit Card:

If you are a new or existing customer that would like to pay by Credit Card, please complete the following Credit Card Billing Authorization Form.  (New customers: Please make sure you also include the New Account/Credit Application Form above, if you haven't done so already).

How to Order:
For customer's ready to submit an order, you can utilize our Online Order Form.  An Account Manager or Customer Service Representative will contact you to confirm your order details and answer any questions you may have.